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How to earn using Brave Browser

How to earn using Brave Browser, earn money from the browser, brave web browser

Nowadays everyone using a web browser but don’t know how to make money using a web browser, so here I’m going to share this simple way to make money using a browser. that for we need a web browser which Browser provides an earning for using. that Browser is Brave Browser.

Their running promo is where they are offering $5 for every qualified user who downloads & using. (extra income, user payment for ad views). the current system with 70% revenue share to users. Brave Ads will be integrated into Brave’s upcoming 1.0 desktop browser on all platforms (macOS, Windows, Linux) & the Android app (iOS will be available later).

How I earn using Brave?

This is very easy two ways to we can earn from brave. One is you just download Brave Browser, join to brave rewards and use. Second is a referral income. After Downloaded in 5 to 30days you will get money. In a week you just use 3/4 days for a minute for earn. that Browser actually very good browser too fast, secure and ad-free browser.

How much earn?

No limit for income. Brave Browser company doesn’t give us directly money they give us Bat Cryptocurrency. A bat equal to 20 Indian rupees current value, 20bat equal to $5.

Without refer you can earn $5+ per month and if you want more earn then refer this Browser with your friends. From per referral $5 or 20bat.

How I make a referral link?

After Downloaded Brave Browser create a brave Publisher account after you need a YouTube account or blog website for make referral link. You don’t have a YouTube account then you will create a YouTube account for make referral link.

How I receive money?

Create a brave Publisher account after you can withdraw your money into your bank account.

When you create a brave Publisher account after you will see there uphold option. simply click on uphold and create an Uphold account. When you receive money from Brave publisher account to upload when you can transfer money to the bank account.

Brave Publisher to Uphold

Uphold Account to we can’t directly transfer money to the bank account for some countries. Then how I transfer money?
After receiving money from Brave publisher account to upload when you can withdraw money through Wazirx, Coinbase, blockchain account & more Bitcoin wallet to Bank Account.

I’m already withdrew Cryptocurrency from uphold account to bank account through wazirx account.
For satisfaction see my reward

How to earn using Brave Browser, Brave Browser earning proof
Brave reward proof

How I signup all steps Detail here

First of all, you need to Download a Brave Browser, 2. create a Brave Publisher account. 3. signup uphold account. 4. need a Youtube account or blog website for making the referral link. 5. need a Coinbase or blockchain or Wazirx account for receiving money from the uphold account to bank account.

Everyone can easily signup those accounts because everyone can signup a Facebook account. Any more questions then comment down here.

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