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How to Create a free blog website on Blogspot

If you want to create a free blog. here I’m going to show, step by step how to make a blog on Blogspot.

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Create a free blog with a Google blogger platform. no need any technical knowledge, just you have needed an email address for creating a blog. For Blogspot no need hosting or domain, everything here free. From Blogspot, you get a free subdomain for every new blog. If you don’t like free subdomain, you can buy a custom domain from any domain server. After purchasing a domain you can connect your custom with Blogspot. Now, you just follow the below steps for creating a free blog.

First of all, Open your device of Google Search Engine, Type on there 

1 step: Click on the link of

2 step: You will see a new blogger window and after a click on to Option “CREATE YOUR BLOG”

3 step: Google will be asking from you Email ID After you will submit your email id there.

4 step: A new window showing on your screen and see the below screenshot.

Type your blog title, Address and select a theme. after click to “Create blog” and make your own blog website.

Here learn with the video tutorial.

In this video tutorial, helps you after reading the article you didn’t understand clearly. you play the video for better understanding.

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