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How to convert from Blogger to WordPress

When you convert from Blogspot to WordPress we don’t lose our data through this process. After converting blog website we need a WordPress, that for you buy a hosting from any good server like Bluehost, Hostgator, Reseller hosting, reform hosting etc. After buying a hosting install WordPress. Later follow the below steps.

First of all, go to your Blogspot dashboard and Download backup file.
So, how I download the backup file?
Simply go to your blogger dashboard and click on “Theme” section after finding the backup/restore option where click and Download backup file.
For satisfaction follow screenshot

Next, Go to your WordPress dashboard and click to “Tools” after clicking on Import and install Blogger after clicking on Run importer afterwards your Blogger Backup file you will upload there and finish it.
For satisfaction follow the screenshot

After completing this process check your WordPress website and change your template for better looking your Website.

Next 2, We need to redirect Blogger link to WordPress. When you set up this old blog of every link automatically redirect to your new WordPress site.

How to redirect this that for simply go to Plugins and search and install after active “Blogger to WordPress” after going to Tools and Click to “Blogger to WordPress” after a click on “Start Configuration” afterwards click to Get Code and copy all codes.
For satisfaction follow the screenshot

Next 3, Again go to Blogger dashboard and click to “Theme” section after scroll down and find the “Revert to classic themes” and click on thereafter where you will see scripts box and simply Click and remove all scripts and paste copied codes of Blogger to WordPress. That is the last step.
For satisfaction follow the screenshot

Do this process carefully.

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