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How to Setup Auto Blogging Blog with Blogspot

I’m going to show, step by step how to make auto blogging blog with blogspot.
What is Auto Blogging? Auto blogging blog is automatic updating content.

For example, Here I’m showing to you setup process with a news auto blogging blog.

Let’s start Auto Blog Setup

The first step: Go to and sign up with your Gmail account or Facebook account. Click on to Create section.
For satisfaction follow the below screenshots.

Next 2: click on +this after there search on RSS feed, next click Option to “News feed item“, for satisfaction follow screenshot.

Next 3: we need to RSS Feed of News website that for search on Google “News RSS feed” follow below screenshots

I’m clicking on to “NDTV RSS feeds”
After I click on ” Trending Stories” and copy the Trending Stories URL.

Next 4: Window showing there ” Complete trigger fields”, where “Feed URL” box to paste the copied URL. For satisfaction follow the screenshot.

Next 5: Window option, click on to +that, after “Choose action service” there search on “Blogger” and click on this after Click to Connect button and sign in with Blogger Gmail account and do allow.
For satisfaction see screenshot

Next 6: Window option “Create a post” section click this, next Window option needs some manual changes Body and Labels, From body, section remove “via <ahref=””>IFTTT</a>” and Labels to add your blog name after click on to “Create action”,  for satisfaction follow the screenshot.

Final Step: click on Finish and check your News blog.

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